Untamed Photoshoots

This is for the women who want to capture their raw and real, vulnerable and powerful, sensual and sacred selves.

Untamed photoshoots are about so much more than the photos. They are about you being seen, and held, in your entirety. They are about your personal evolution, how far you have come, how much you have changed, everything this beautiful body has experienced and done and created for you. These shoots are a collaboration, a playful, sacred and soulful experience. A celebration of you as you are now, and an honouring of all the past versions of yourself that you have had to release to be here today.

Each untamed photoshoot includes a prior meeting for you to share your vision with me and for us to become comfortable with each other. I'm not able to just open up and immediately share all of my most hidden and soft, sacred and cherished aspects of self with a total stranger, so I don't expect you to either.

You can choose your own nature location or we can go to one of my favourites - it must be somewhere where we will be unobserved and so you feel free to get naked, explore and express yourself without inhibition.

The 90 minute experience starts with a ceremony and guided meditation that I will customize for you, supporting you to shed anything that may be holding you back from showing up in your full authenticity, and guiding you to step fully into your power. From there the experience will look different for each individual, but you can trust that I will be guiding you, fully present with you, holding space for you to move through anything that arises and honouring you in your fullness (and of course capturing all of it on camera.)