Motherhood Mini Films

A moment frozen outside of time.

Your baby is only a baby for a year. A single year before they are toddling off, exploring and becoming someone entirely separate from you. It can feel like it lasts forever, but it will be gone so quickly and (trust me) you'll look back at every little snippet of video with such fondness. If you're looking for something sweet and simple to capture your connection with your little one(s) then look no further. I dreamt up these sweet 1-2 minute videos set to music to capture all the little details of your love during this stage, and the beauty of your bond, your little interactions, how your body is home to them. One location, a set concept that we dream up together, the focus on the tiny details and close-up beauty. These videos work best with babes in arms but can possibly work well with older children depending on your dynamic.

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