The Magic in the Mundane - Family Photos & Videos

I started taking video because I wanted to document my baby girl who was changing so incredibly quickly. The small videos I have made of her and our life are now something I cherish so deeply, as they are like windows back into these beautiful moments. They remind me of things I surely would have forgotten, like the cute way she said "I luv oo" at 18 months or the way she used to smile at her dad at 6 months old when he made silly faces at her.

Knowing how much I deeply value these videos myself, it gives me so much joy to create similar videos for other families that I know will be cherished for years and decades to come. Photos are beautiful, but videos hold so much more depth and emotion.

For these videos, I invite you to not get dressed up, not do your hair and your makeup, not clean up your home so that it's "presentable", but instead to allow me to capture your "real" life. Bring me into your home early morning on a Saturday so I can capture the kids' bed-head, the snuggles under the covers, making pancakes in a messy kitchen, hanging laundry out on the line. Invite me over on a weekday evening to capture the crazy, love and laughter and tear-filled evenings with a toddler, cooking and eating dinner together, the bedtime routine, playing in the bath, storytime snuggled up on your lap with the lights down low. THESE are the things that you are going to want to remember forever. THIS is where the magic lies.

At these sessions I will take photos as well as capturing video and you will receive a beautiful online gallery of 30+ fully edited images.

Want to know more about what's involved with my family videos? Enter your details and I'll send you an email with everything you need to know - from how long a video session usually takes, where and what activities I suggest we capture in the film, and more.