Hello, I'm Meme.

Photographer, videographer, artist, spiritual seeker, birth keeper, mother, lover, sister, daughter, friend. Born in the USA, currently rooted and thriving right on the QLD/NSW border between the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers.

Looking through the lens of my camera, the world turns into poetry. With it, I can capture the aching dark, the gentle caress of the light and all that lies in between. My camera is an extension of my eyes, my hands and my heart that alchemizes vision into emotion.

My hope is that when you look at my images and videos, you feel deeply. I aim to capture the essence and truth of what you share with me in a way that feels timeless and powerful, and I feel deep gratitude to each person who trusts me and chooses to allow me to document their authenticity.

I acknowledge the traditional owners of this land whose cultures, customs and custodianship are integral to the land's wellbeing.

I pay my respects to the elders past, present and emerging.