Maternity & Mamahood

the intimacy, vulnerability, rawness and power of nurturing life

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Untamed Photoshoots

You. At your most authentic, your most wild, your most vulnerable, your most powerful

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I am a prism, capturing your light and your life and projecting it back out through timeless photos and video.

I am drawn to documenting the people and situations that make me feel deeply. The vulnerable, hopeful held breath of pregnancy, waiting for the journey to reveal itself. The thousands of unique intricacies that weave into the fabric family life. The mess. The rawness. The beauty. The incredible alchemy that happens when women step into their power and claim their space. The deep ache of realising that time is passing so quickly and your baby is changing before your eyes. These things make my soul sing. They are fleeting, intangible works of art already, and capturing them, crystallizing them into something tangible and lasting is such a joy.

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“You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art”